Our team of practitioners are pleased to offer all our clients personalized, leading edge integrative medicine.

It is advised that you inform all of your physicians and specialists of your visit to EvolveWell in case we require communication with their office, or wish to share medical information with them.

In order to serve you and our other clients in a timely manner, we ask that you please be on time for your appointment.

To book an appointment or a test at EvolveWell, please call (587) 774-9355.

Same day or next day appointments can only be booked and confirmed over the phone.

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Daily Clinical Health Policy for Each Visit

  • Many people are sensitive to perfumes in our clinic, so we would appreciate refraining from wearing any fragrances during your visit.
  • Please place your cell phones on silent or vibrate during your visit.

Cancellation and No-Show Policy

All appointments must be cancelled with a minimum 24 hours’ notice by calling or emailing the clinic.

You will be billed for all appointments missed or cancelled with notice that is less than 24 hours. 

Prescription Renewal Policy

Please ensure you have an appointment booked at least one week before you reach the end of your medications. We require 72 hours’ notice to refill prescriptions by phone or fax. Prescriptions refilled by phone or fax are subject to a renewal fee. We cannot guarantee that our practitioners can refill medications on short notice or without an appointment. 

Payment Options and Policy

EvolveWell offers private services and as such, a cost to the patient is associated with all treatments, visits, assessments, and services. The payment options for these services include visa, debit, credit or cash.

Receipts for all medical expenses are printed and provided at time of payment. 

Disclaimer Policy

EvolveWell Integrative Medical Centre is by law not legally permitted to make any health or cure claims to patients or consumers for treatments.

We will do our best to provide all information relative to treatments and products, and we may not make specific statements as to how our services, foods and drug-based and non-drug based products will prevent disease. Consumers choose to take natural medications and supplements and therefore make the decision to increase their health and well-being.

The expert care at EvolveWell Integrative Medical Centre includes advice from licensed Medical and Naturopathic Professionals in the Province of Alberta. The health care professionals at EvolveWell will always recommend a full assessment of a patient before any health, nutrition, drug or detoxification treatments are advised.

Before taking any medication or using any medical grade skin care products, please ensure you have fully advised the on-site Medical Professionals of any past or current health issues, illnesses, drug reactions, allergies, pregnancy, breast-feeding or other problems. Do not discontinue any other medical treatments without first consulting your regular doctor.


Privacy Policy

At EvolveWell it is our priority to keep your health information private and secure. We may ask you consent to share your health information with your family physician or other specialists as needed. 

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