Most causes of employee absenteeism are stress-related and therefore, preventable.

We are dedicated to improving the health of your organization by bringing wellness expertise to your front door.

We offer:

  • Health and Wellness – Lunch and Learns
  • Group and Individual Weight Loss Series
  • Corporate Health and Wellness Programs
  • Executive Medical Programs

Lunch and Learn Series

EvolveWell offers Lunch and Learn health and wellness educational sessions these are designed to help you continually improve the mental and physical health & well-being personally and in your corporation. Workplace wellness improves the overall health of your corporation and reduces stress.

We are happy to work with your organization to schedule on-site lectures and health focused series, with topics such as:

  • Health 101 (boosting your immune system)
  • Women, hormones and the workplace
  • Men, their hormones and the workplace
  • Stress: it effects more than you think
  • Boosting your mood / Brain Health
  • Weight loss plans: One size does not fit all

Contact us today to book a seminar or learn more about our health programs.