The Most Vital You Program is our most comprehensive wellness program. The goal of this program is to reach optimal health. At Evolvewell we take into account that each individual is unique, and needs a personalized approach to achieve his or her most vital state of being. We incorporate conventional, anti-aging and functional regenerative medicine to create the ideal treatment program for you.

Following your initial consultation, this personalized program plan includes the following:

  • In depth review of your medical history, family history and current concerns.
  • Comprehensive array of laboratory studies and specialized testing as required.
  • Complete physical examination.


Functional Testing is also included in this program:

  • Bio-Impedance Analysis (BIA): This is a simple test that is used to analyze body composition: the relation of body fat to lean body mass and cell health. This is a more valuable marker than body mass index (BMI).
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV): Measures the electrical activity of the heart that is controlled by the autonomous nervous system. This is a reflection of a person’s ability to adapt to a stress and the ability to relax, and gives us information on the effect that stress has on an individual.
  • Digital Pulse Analysis (DPA): This is an additional screening test for early atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

A complete follow-up and review of all your test results will be discussed and thoroughly explained. Your personalized treatment plan will include appropriate prescriptions/nutraceuticals and Bio-Identical Hormone Restoration Therapy, all on an as-needed basis.


Also included in your program:

  • 1 hour consultation with our Holistic Nutritional Consultant.
  • Monitoring of your progress, follow-ups at approximately six weeks, three months, six months and one year.
  • Medical detoxification program.
  • A targeted medical food and eating plan.
  • 1 month supply of Wellness Essential and Probiotic Supplements (All supplements in this program are pharmaceutical grade).


As with any treatment program, the results are better when combined with detoxification, dietary and lifestyle changes, stress management and the appropriate use of pharmaceutical grade supplements, as not all supplements are created equal.

All these modalities work synergistically to create change in your biology and ultimately your body’s ability to heal and regenerate.

The functional medicine approach is about treating health problems at their root cause, and not merely treating symptoms. Whether you have problems with fatigue, poor sleep, weight gain, hormonal imbalance, chronic illness, pain, headaches, moodiness or you just want to be healthier, our team can work with you to become a happier, healthier, Most Vital You.

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