At EvolveWell we offer several unique styles of Counselling.

Psychology with Janet McLeod

Entering therapy takes courage and a sense of curiosity.  Our registered psychologist journeys with you as a compassionate witness and guide. Her practice has a focus on Clinical and Health psychology, and she is a Certified Hakomi Therapist, and a Family Constellation Practitioner.

During your therapeutic journey, you’ll be in an atmosphere that is collaborative and relaxed, focusing on realistic and attainable goals specifically suited for you. Our commitment is to co-discover new healthy strategies that can be applied to your daily life to create a greater life purpose.

Transactional Analysis Therapy with Phil Hetherington

Transactional analysis provides a therapeutic approach to psychodynamic change in which old self-defeating patterns of thinking feeling and behavior are replaced by new healthy perceptions of self and others.

Transactional Analysis therapy can be described as:

  • A theory of personality structure in which the unique personality of the client can be seen and understood visually by therapist and client using diagrammed images.
  • A theory of behavior function both internally with self and externally in relationship with others.
  • A theory of personality content. The therapist and the client examine the early childhood experiences and beliefs that influenced the formation of the client’s unique personality.
  • A theory of communication examining carefully the communication patterns the client employs consciously and unconsciously in order to get what they need or not.
Transactional Analysis is a theory of communication and provides a psychodynamic approach to therapeutic change. It addresses childhood issues that affect today’s functioning.

Group Therapy

EvolveWell offers group therapy, which provides a unique experience of being able to explore issues with group support. Group therapy can be an effective stimulus for helping a client to resolve their issues more rapidly.

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