Nutrition plays a large part in our health or lack of health, and at EvolveWell it’s at the core of our therapies. Holistic nutrition addresses digestion, adequacy, balance and moderation for each individual.

Naturopathic doctors understand that the foods we consume are foundational to our health. Adopting a healthy diet is often the first step toward correcting many health problems. Many medical conditions can be treated very effectively with foods and nutritional supplements with little or no complications or side effects.

In holistic nutrition it is believed that we need a certain balance of protein, vitamins, and other nutrients to help our bodies reach maximum energy levels and overall physical and emotional health. Holistic nutritional consultants devise diets that match each individual’s health and nutritional needs.

Our Nutritional Consultant is trained in a broad range of modalities including Ayurveda, Energy Medicine and Herbal Medicine. These adjunct treatment approaches are aimed at improving the digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

Private consultations are also available with our Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant.

Contact us for nutritional consultation.