Of all the self-fulfilling prophecies in our culture, the assumption that aging means decline and poor health is probably the deadliest.

Marilyn Ferguson, author of the Aquarian Conspiracy

The benefits of aging are many, with increased wisdom, knowledge and understanding being chief among them. Why then are so many of us concerned with the aging process? For most people, chronological aging is less concerning than biological aging. The passing of time brings changes to our bodies, and not all of those changes are welcome.

At Evolve Well, we understand the changes that occur with aging. We integrate conventional, anti-aging, regenerative medicine, and hormone restoration approaches to diagnosis and treatment to help you regain your youthful vitality.


Think of this approach as “extraordinary aging,” not anti-aging.

Aging is not the enemy – physical/biological decline is. Anti-aging medicine uses innovative scientific principles and research aimed at the early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related conditions, disorders, and diseases.


To achieve and maintain our best health, our hormones need to be optimized and balanced.

When women are younger, there is often an imbalance of hormones, but as we age into our 40’s and 50’s (or even younger) our hormone levels decline and need to be replaced. This can occur for both men and women.  That is why we provide bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT) for both men and women. Everyone has different hormone levels, and symptoms may provide clues as to what your body needs, but testing gives us a clearer picture. At EvolveWell, we utilize serum, saliva and urine testing to assess hormone levels and metabolization.

We also incorporate genetic testing to use hormones safely for each individual.

Optimizing hormones utilizing bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT) at any age can help relieve some symptoms that are commonly associated with aging in general and lead to a better quality of life at any age.

I’ve seen Jeanette Queen for about a year now and her recommendations in terms of supplements and diet have helped me immensely! I’ve referred my sister to see her as well, and Jeanette always takes the time to explain medical terminology in ways that we can understand. She is excellent at what she does, and always smiling!


At EvolveWell, we’re dedicated to providing personalized, individualized care
for each of our patients so you can get your health – and your life – back.