When I was starting out as a Family Doctor, I learned several key nuggets of wisdom that I never forgot, from working with/talking to a couple of practitioners with decades of experience.

Vaginal health encompasses both the vaginal and the vulvar tissues with specific complaints such as dryness/lubrication of tissues, appearance/tone of tissues (thinning, atrophy, sagging, laxity), diminished sexual function/satisfaction, muscle spasm and stress urinary incontinence.

Most of us are dealt a pretty good hand of hormone cards to start with but it’s very easy to misplay that hand as we leave our twenties in the rear-view mirror due to the accumulated effects of stress.

Continuing on with October’s theme of Mental Wellbeing I’m going to discuss Counselling in this post. At EvolveWell, this service is offered by Phil Herrington, RPC (Registered Professional Counsellor).

The EvolveWell clinic, in keeping with its multidisciplinary approach to patient care, is privileged to have a highly skilled practitioner of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) on staff. Therefore, I would be remiss if I didn’t include the TCM approach in my discussion of how to support the immune system.

Enjoy this factual and somewhat lighthearted look at some diverse aspects of bone health, including an almost unrecognized response to stress that has nothing to do with the adrenal glands and everything to do with bones

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