Specializing in:

  • Grief counselling
  • Couples counselling
  • Depression
  • Overcoming suicidal ideations or feelings of worthlessness
  • Recovery from childhood physical/sexual abuse
  • Overcoming trauma from childhood or recent events
  • Facilitating personal growth and personal change
  • Overcoming phobias and irrational fears
  • Stress management
  • Mental wellness

Why do these things
keep happening to me?

Why do all my relationships
follow the same pattern?

Why do I keep meeting the same
people at work or in social settings?

All of these questions suggest that the person is living out of a script, or a life plan, that was formulated in childhood in response to environmental conditions. The person continues to live this plan in adulthood, outside of conscious awareness. Repetitive patterns in relationships provide evidence of this life plan.

The purpose of the Introspective therapeutic process is:

  • To bring to the client’s conscious awareness the nature and the details of this life plan
  • To assist the client in changing his or her life plan through a process of emotional redecision- does this require a clarification? It is not a word, but I understand it is a therapy technique?
  • To facilitate the emergence of positive outcomes and a satisfactory, fulfilled life experience

Phil offers a non-judgmental, insightful approach to helping clients achieve the objectives they wish to fulfill.
He will be happy to assist you in discovering the therapeutic process that is best suited to your situation.