Danielle Krause

Danielle Krause Licensed Health Coach

Orthomolecular Health Practitioner (T)

As a certified and licensed health coach, Danielle Krause loves the transformational work she does with clients in the area of habit change.

Danielle has a lot of experience in the medical arena. She has a background as a registered nurse with certification in critical care. She also has two adult children who were diagnosed with chronic conditions over 17 years ago – one with type one diabetes and the other with celiac disease. All of this has given her much “in-the-field” experience which now benefits her clients in many different ways. She also loves to cook and bake and offers her clients access to her tried-and-true yummy-but-healthy recipes.

Danielle helps her clients to make health and lifestyle changes in a way that’s sustainable, easy, and fun. She would be pleased to provide the support and accountability piece on your journey to becoming your healthiest you