Functional Testing

At Evolve Well, we use functional test, which give a view into how the body functions – not just what it produces.

 Bio-Impedance Analysis (BIA): BIA determines the composition of the body, particularly the body fat and muscle levels. This is a simple test that is used to analyze body composition, which looks at the relative amount of body fat to lean body mass. Unlike body mass index (BMI), bio-impedance analysis provides information about hydration, overall nutritional health, cell membrane health, and the possible need for detoxification. Detection of an altered body mass allows for early detection and the prevention of disease.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV): HRV measures the “tone” or amount of signaling in the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and the balance between the two. The results of this testing are a reflection of a person’s ability to adapt to stress, to relax, and relays information on the effect that stress has on an individual.

Digital Pulse Analysis (DPA): DPA testing assesses the potential for vascular disease and is an additional screening for early atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. DPA testing provides information on arterial wall stiffness. This Health Canada approved non-invasive device observes changes in pressure, blood flow, velocity, and the profile throughout the pulse wave.

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