Laboratory testing

EvolveWell has partnered with leading laboratories across Canada, the US and internationally to provide patients with comprehensive laboratory testing services.

Armin Labs Logo

Armin Lab

Tests for chronic infections originating from tick-borne diseases.

Fluids IQ Logo

Fluids IQ

state-of-the art analytical laboratory testing services

OmegaQuant Logo


Omega-3 Index test

Sibo Canada Logo

Sibo Canada

Lactulose breath test

Cleveland Heart Laboratory Logo

Cleveland Heart Laboratory

Blood and urine testing

Genova Diagnostics Logo

Genova Diagnostics

Nutrition testing

Precision Analytical Logo

Precision Analytical

Unique hormone testing and reporting methods

TruDiagnostic Logo


Lactulose breath test

Diagnostics Solutions

Diagnostics Solutions

PCR DNA analysis

Great Plains Laboratory Logo

Great Plains Laboratory

Diagnostics for metabolic, mitochondrial, and environmental factors in chronic illnesses.

Rocky Mountain Analytical Logo

Rocky Mountain Analytical

High-quality testing for the functional and integrative medicine

ZRT Laboratory Logo

ZRT Laboratory

Hormone and wellness testing

dnalife Logo


DNA Testing

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