Meet the Team

Dr. George Gillson
Dr. George GillsonMD, PHD, CCFP, Medical Director
Dr. George Gillson brings extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in the field of Metabolic Medicine.
Jeanette Queen
Jeanette QueenMS, NP, FAAFM, ABAAHP, Nurse Practitioner, Co-founder
Jeanette offers in-depth assessments to determine underlying causes of symptoms, functional medicine based treatment programs.
Dr. William Wu
Dr. William WuMD, Integrative Medicine
Dr. William Wu practicing both conventional and functional medicine while focusing on sports medicine and treating men’s health issues.
Dr. Lizette Lourens
Dr. Lizette Lourens
Dr. Lizette Lourens is a healthy aging expert who blends conventional medicine with functional medicine practices to guide clients on the path to aging well.
Kimberly Shapkin
Kimberly ShapkinRN, NP, PhD(c
Kimberly has worked extensively with people as they age, with a goal for people to live stronger and better lives through health optimization. Kimberly practices through an integrative health lens and uses a systems approach, enabling her to work towards getting at the root cause of a person’s health concerns. She recognizes each person’s health journey is unique and tailors care to address a person’s physical, mental and functional goals.
Kari Blessing
Kari BlessingMN NP, Nurse Practitioner
During her twenty year career as a Nurse Practitioner Kari has focused on helping people enhance their quality of life. Her experience managing cardiovascular conditions and chronic pain gives her a unique perspective on optimizing the health challenges people experience.
Phil Hetherington
Phil HetheringtonRPC Registered Professional Counsellor
Struggling with your mental health? Meet Phil our registered counsellor. Phil is intuitive, compassionate, clear, and direct.
Danielle Krause
Danielle KrauseLicensed Health Coach
Danielle is a Registered Nurse with certification in critical care. Danielle loves the transformational work she does with clients in the area of habit change.
Cathy Bullard
Cathy BullardDirector of Operations

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