Optimal nutrition is one the most important aspects of optimal health.

Malnutrition may look very different than what people imagine.

The World Health Organization categorizes malnutrition into three categories

Malnutrition or wasting, stunting or underweight

Micronutrient deficiencies or excessive nutrients

Overweight, obesity and diet related that leads to non-communicable diseases – such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke and some cancers

(WHO. Malnutrition. Fact sheets 2018; Accessed April 15, 2019)

At EvolveWell we utilize different types of testing to make sure our patients have optimal nutritional status.

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Optimal nutrition is one the most important aspects of optimal health.

At EvolveWell our certified, licensed, health coaches work alongside you and your healthcare practitioner to help implement the recommended changes necessary for optimal health results.

Are you struggling to make the diet and lifestyle changes you know are necessary?

Are you overwhelmed by the changes you know you need to make, but you are not sure where to start?

We can help.

Our health coaches specialize in helping people to make big changes in the most efficient and most sustainable way possible.

A health coach is someone who:

  • meets you where you are in your health journey and helps you to move forward
  • can help you achieve your health goals by walking closely with you to provide support and accountability
  • can make the difference between: I want to do something, and I did it!
  • facilitate your follow-through with what you already know you should be doing
  • help you build healthy habits that align with how you want to feel everyday
  • is an experienced expert who will save you time and money by helping you to achieve your goals

Changes may include:

  • Developing better habits
  • focusing on what to eat for your body and its unique underlying factors
  • looking at how to make dietary changes in the easiest manner
  • focusing on strategies to improve your sleep
  • looking at different ways to decrease your stress levels
  • looking at how to establish sustainable physical activity
  • looking at other lifestyle factors affecting your health, and finding effective methods to improve them

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