Vaginal Health At Any Age

By George Gillson MD PhD CCFP

This month I’m going to talk about vaginal health from two perspectives: the first post will discuss technological approaches and the second post will look at approaches involving hormones and nutrients. Now, vaginal health sounds like a pretty vague term so let me say that in my book, vaginal health encompasses both the vaginal and the vulvar tissues with specific complaints such as dryness/lubrication of tissues, appearance/tone of tissues (thinning, atrophy, sagging, laxity), diminished sexual function/satisfaction, muscle spasm and stress urinary incontinence.

These issues can arise due to various factors including aging, childbirth, illness, trauma and use of medications affecting hormone status such as antiestrogens/estrogen blockers used to post-breast cancer. Note that the changes associated with aging now have their own acronym: GSM or Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause. (

These are not trivial health issues and may significantly impact physical health as well as mental wellbeing.

The good news is that there are now two different technological solutions offered at EvolveWell which complement each other in their ability to address the issues mentioned above and at the same time both treatments complement other treatments such as hormones and nutrients.

That’s a lot of complementing!

One high-tech approach is the Emsella chair, used at EvolveWell for several years now and discussed in a previous post- November 2022.

Emsella-Machine Image

The other high-tech approach is a device new to the clinic as of December 2022 called the Emfemme 360. I just refer to it as the Enfemme for the rest of this post.

Emfemme 360 image of Unit 7184 ENUS 101

The padded seat on the Emsella chair contains a coil delivering a series of relatively low-frequency electromagnetic pulses into the pelvic area from below. The Emfemme 360 features a higher frequency radiowave generator coupled to either a vaginal probe or an external wand, either one delivering heat energy to the relevant tissues (vaginal or vulvar).

The following is an image of the vaginal probe.  (The wand for external use is similar but shorter.)

The reason these two devices complement each other is because they are polite:

Emsella (to Emfemme): I love the symmetrical placement of your attachments!

Emfemme (to Emsella): Why thank you Emsella! I love the pastel blue shade of the upholstery on your seat!

Seriously, the Emsella is a neuromuscular treatment device strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor and helping to re-establish/revitalize the nerves servicing that anatomy.  The Emfemme treats the connective tissues, gently heating them and thereby promoting circulation and formation of new collagen.  This improves sensation and has a plumping or thickening effect.

Vaginal Health At Any Age EMFEMME and EMSELLA

Used externally, this treatment can improve the appearance of the labia, bolster the urethral meatus or urinary opening, and increase sensitivity of the clitoris. Used internally, the Enfemme treatments can thicken and tighten the introitus or entrance to the vagina and improve the lubrication and overall health of the vaginal mucosa.

The “360” appellation attached to the Emfemme refers to the uniform dispersal pattern of the radiofrequency waves emanating from the probe/wand. This is not just clever marketing! Other devices use a laser which burns or ablates tissue in a tightly defined area. The laser head must be kept in constant motion externally or internally in order to avoid excessive focal damage.

Let me emphasize that the Emfemme produces gentle heating to a temperature that is comfortable for the subject and optimal for stimulation of collagen formation.  It is not a painful treatment and the only aftereffects might be slight swelling and redness.  A wide range of activities can be contemplated on the same day after treatment!

Emfemme Ultrasound diagram

Speaking of treatments, like the Emsella, the Emfemme treatments are relatively short: 8 minutes for the vaginal treatment and perhaps 20 minutes or so if both the vagina and vulva are being treated. Beneficial effects are often apparent on the same day of treatment.  A typical therapy cycle consists of three or four treatments spaced 7 to 10 days apart and repeated once yearly or twice a year.

According to the manufacturer:

  • 80% of patients report moderate to excellent improvement in the appearance of the vulva
  • 89% of patients report improved or greatly improved stress urinary incontinence
  • 90% of patients reported improvement in sexual dysfunction
  • 60% of patients report significant (moderate to excellent) improvement in sexual function

What’s not to like?!

Please connect with the staff at EvolveWell via email or phone, to get more information regarding these safe and revolutionary approaches to vaginal health.

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Next time, I’ll discuss the lower-tech hormonal and nutritional therapies that complement (!) these fascinating energetic approaches to vaginal and vulvar healing and health maintenance.

George Gillson MD PhD

Author: George Gillson, MD, PHD, CCFP
EvolveWell Medical Director